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November 20, 2022

What to look for when purchasing a commercial red light therapy bed?

Enhance performance and recovery

Light therapy can increase muscle mass, which in turn, can increase performance. A 2016 study of identical twins showed that using red light therapy on leg muscles right after exercising increased muscle mass.

Red light therapy can also improve how well muscles perform, which means individuals can exercise for longer periods of time and with less risk of pain or injury.

For instance, researchers in one study enrolled 36 male participants with beginner or moderate physical activity habits. One-third of the participants performed leg presses and then underwent red light therapy immediately afterward. Another third did leg presses only, and the last group did not do either leg presses or red light therapy. The researchers found that those who underwent red light therapy after exercise were the only group that showed an increase in muscle performance.

Therefore, this means photobiomodulation allows gym owners, personal trainers, and physical therapists to help their clients and patients enhance muscle performance while doing their regular training exercises or therapy.

Weight loss

Red light therapy can help people lose weight. Red light can create small openings in fat cells, which allow fatty acids to escape from the cells. Releasing these fatty acids, known as lipids, causes fat cells to wither. In one study, researchers found that, after a four-minute exposure to red light, fat cells released 80 percent of their lipids. By six minutes after red light therapy, the
cells had released almost all the fat.

Red light therapy can also stimulate adipocyte apoptosis, a natural process that promotes the death of old or damaged cells. Exposure to red light causes the fat cells to release lipids during adipocyte apoptosis, further reducing the fat cells.

Red light therapy can also quiet hunger pains by controlling the hormones that regulate appetite, leptin and ghrelin. A 2012 study found that light therapy reduced hunger hormone levels by 19 percent.

Many people who want to lose weight also want to get rid of cellulite. A 2011 study describes how researchers investigated how well red light therapy treats cellulite. The researchers assigned female participants to two groups. The first group did only high-intensity treadmill training, while the participants in the second group underwent PBMT while doing the same treadmill training as the participants in the first group.

Most importantly, they found that participants who used both red light therapy and treadmill training got rid of cellulite in the buttocks and hips, while those in the treadmill-only group did not. The results of this study showed that red light therapy could spot-reduce excess fat stored around the waist, hips, and thighs.

What to look for when purchasing a commercial RED light therapy bed


You should be sure that the bed can produce wavelengths in the range of 850nm and 660nm. While 850nm and 660nm are ideal, other wavelengths can benefit the patient, such as 635nm, 660nm, 850nm and 940nm. At Red Light Squared, we can customize your commercial light therapy bed per request for any wavelength you desire.


Irradiance is a big one here. Make sure that the commercial light therapy bed you purchase has the option to control the irradiance. The irradiance is the amount of energy received in a given area. Some patients may respond differently, so it is best to purchase a bed with this functionality built-in. At Red Light Squared, all of our beds are engineered to generate a wide range of irradiances.

Pulse Rate or Frequency

One of the most exciting developments in the red light therapy field is the pulse rate. Some studies are beginning to show that the rate at which the light source pulses can have a beneficial effect on biological tissue. For instance, with RED Light Squared, you have option to include pulse settings in your bed. Upon inquiry, we will brief you on if this is something you should include and discuss the ideal pulse rates to use.


One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a light therapy bed is that you do not have to spend a lot of money on an elite product. Some beds on the market retail for incredibly high prices without justification. Our beds come in at a fraction of the cost of competitors without sacrificing performance or quality.

The Company Behind the Product

Of all the factors to take into consideration, this is one of the most important. When you purchase a light therapy bed you want to work with a company that is honest and transparent. There are quite a few manufacturers marketing with elaborate fictitious claims. When you reach out to a company, prepare a long list of questions and make sure that they have your interests at heart.

At Red Light Squared, we know each client is unique, and no two circumstances are the same. That’s why we provide free consultations and open communication throughout the entire purchasing process. When you choose Red Light Squared, you become part of our family.

Provides a Great Return on Investment

Most practices rely on a fast and reliable return on investment for their equipment. Red Light Squared provides solutions to fit nearly every practice. If you are looking for a red light therapy bed for sale then look no further. Our bed is the only ones in its class to offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty, and they will pay for themselves many times over during the warranty’s coverage period.

A single red light therapy session costs from $25 to $85. A number of factors can influence the session cost, such as your location and whether you offer it as a standalone treatment or combine it with other treatments.

While it is the top of its class, the system would pay for itself. Since practices can charge more for combination treatments, using a new commercial red light therapy bed alongside other treatments can enhance your revenue.

Red Light Squared brings red light therapy to offices of almost every size. At just 150 x 73 x 36 cm, the Red Light Squared red light therapy bed can fit almost anywhere. It also includes everything a practice would need to start providing treatment immediately, including power cables, mounting hardware, glasses, and built-in digital controls.

Above all our bed is specifically designed for professional health and wellness practices of all sizes. We understand that professional practices rely on high-quality internal electronics, products designed for long use, and an industry- leading warranty, so we have included all of those in our commercial red light therapy. We also have extensive experience in the industry and offer exceptional customer service to back every product we offer.

The demand for red light therapy continues to rise

In conclusion, the demand for red light therapy is absolutely exploding. In fact, Global Market Insights says that the Light Therapy Market industry is valued at more than $1 billion in 2020, and predicts the industry will enjoy a 5.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2021 to 2027. Global Market Insights attributes this growth to the rising incidence of skin-related disorders and growing awareness about personal care. Patients increasingly prefer non- invasive treatments like red light therapy, and are increasingly aware of the benefits of photobiomodulation.

Not only this but athletes and sports teams are beginning to use red light therapy to enhance performance and recover from strenuous exercise. In other words, patients are already seeking out clinics that provide red light therapy, and many more patients will request the service in

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