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Redlight Laser Watch Acupuncture

Redlight Laser Watch Acupuncture



The laser watch is an innovative 3-in-1 device that uses the latest research findings in the field of Low-Level Laser Therapy. It combines acupuncture, local pain therapy, and external blood irradiation and becomes your ideal companion, whether, at work or on the go. The Watch comes with a pad for area irradiation (pain management), an ear application (e.g. tinnitus), and a nasal applicator (rhinitis, allergies, etc).

The wrist diodes are designed to directly irradiate and stimulate the acupuncture points that calm nerves and heart rhythm, and contribute to muscle relaxation. The laser light causes an increased production of the hormone melatonin. Melatonin regulates our circadian clock and thus controls the sleep-wake cycle of our body. An increased amount of melatonin helps you to sleep better and more relaxed. And it prevents jet lag after long flights.



Laser medium GaAIAs Semiconductor
Laser wavelength 650 nm
Terminal laser output 22 laser beams 2 nasal cavity laser beams or 2 ear cavity laser beams
Laser output power 2-5 mw
Laser operating voltage 3.0 V
Input voltage of power 100-240 V switching adapter
Timing range 10-60 min can be adjusted
Environment temperature -20⁰C - 40⁰C
Relative humidity ≤85%
Atmospheric pressure 86 kPa – 106 kPa
Power source use Lithium ion battery with the capacity 1600 mAh
Lithium battery voltage DC 3.7-4.2V
Packing 1pc/box, 19 x 12 x 13cm, 0.8kg/pc




i) Lower blood viscosity: injecting monochorome lower-energy light quantum to blood can increase the deformability of red cell, improve aggregation of red cell and platelet and oxygen carrying capacity of red cell to make original negative charge of red cell become normal, enlarge the mutual repulsive force and disperse the gathered red cell to achieve the aim at lowering blood. Viscosity.
ii) Lower blood fat: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can activate various enzymes and decompose redundant fat in blood and increase blood oxygen content so as to scavenge the free radical, disturb the metabolic process of lipid peroxidation, reduce and clear cholesterol in the vessels and finally lower blood fat.
iii) Prevent formation of thrombus: injecting monochrome lower-energy light quantum to blood can reduce the shrinking vasoactive substance. Improve extending vasoactive substance, lower content with substance forming thrombus in blood, and help prevent happening or cerebral thrombosis diseases, such as cerebral apoplexy, cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and coronary heart disease, etc.
iv) Treat and prevent high blood pressure and smooth blood pressure and blood sugar: injecting monochorome lower-energy light quantum to blood can lower blood viscosity and improve the aggregation of red cell and platelet, so as to lower blood viscosity and reduce the peripheral resistance, and moreover, lower blood fat, improve elasticity of vessel wall and promote the blood pressure back to normal. In addition, light quantum can smooth blood pressure through reducing peripheral resistance and relieving heart load.

At the same time, low-power photon can also stop and resolve the residual blood sugar in blood to lower the sugar content and convert sugar into energy and make the blood sugar level off.

v) Body pain relief: The body pain relief probes adopt 650 nm red laser, 450 nm blue light and red light, to noninvasive irradiating our pain point. To penetrate the meridian, absorb the inflammatory edema, dredge the meridian and channel, producing more biological enzyme to cure kinds of disease. Such as the cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc of herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis.
vi) Brain fitness and memory enhancement: mental labors will consume plenty of triphosadenine(ATP) every day, whose source must have the participation of oxygen and glucose. REDLIGHSQUARED semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument can improve oxygen carrying and releasing ability of red cell to ensure that there are enough energy for brain to achieve the function of brain fitness and memory enhancement.
vii) Evidently improve the clinical symptoms: the symptoms of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as dizziness, headache, choking sensation in chesty hard breath, language stagnation, amnesia, somnolence and feebleness arc improved evidently. The light quantum can stimulate phagocyte to enhance its ability, accelerate degradation of lipoprotein, reduce the peripheral force, improve blood circulation, relieve the body symptoms quickly and increase the activity tolerance.



After 30 mins treatment

Through the microscope we can observe the red cells activated, it single and back onto normal.

After about 30 days treatment

Headache, dizziness, chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, drowsiness, insomnia, numbness, memory loss and other symptoms change or disappear.

After about 3 months treatment

User tests changes in blood flow, blood tests, blood viscosity, cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, or other indicators fall back to normal.

After 6 months and long-term treatment

Effectively improve and treat some diabetic, especially type II diabetic sufferers, effectively the balance of their pancreas function. Long-term using will reject cardiovascular and cerebrovascular & stroke & sudden death & hemiplegia.

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD)

Silent killer, global public health crisis

Cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases were called the first killer against human health, and once CHD(coronary heart disease), cerebral apoplexy or stroke break out, the only consequence is either die or disabled, badly affect the quality of the middle-aged and elderly and threaten the life all the time.
For hundreds of years, seeking for a safe and high-efficiency solution against cardiac-cerebral vascular diseases became the major business in medicine, but not successful, but a new window was opened with the application of laser in medicine for treating cardiac-cerebra vascular diseases in recent 30 years.
Researched the semi conductor laser therapy apparatus which was adopted with the called “light of life” that a red laser with the wavelength of 650 nm. The human organization can be penetrated without any damage via the irradiation of 650 nm laser, and the laser energy can be absorbed by blood when irradiation the three golden positions of Radial Artery, Nei-guan Acupoint, Lingdao Acupoint, Tongli Acupoint, and Nasal Cavity, then change the hemorheology, enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of erythrocyte, promote blood circulation, then the effectiveness of balancing blood pressure, blood fat, blood viscosity and blood sugar, and vascular repairing can be available.
Instead of just utilizing the red laser, the latest generation now also emits blue light in order to activate regeneration processes by stimulating the different parts of the mitochondrial respiratory chain.
Cold laser therapy is internationally recognized the pure green physiotherapy, no trauma, no side effect and non-invasive, avoid the untoward effect of infection and bleeding, even the side effect and durable dependency from taking drugs by the irradiation of Radial Artery, Nei-guan Acupoint Lingdao Acupoint, Tongli Acupoint, and Nasal Cavity, hence it is wonderfully suit for the mid-aged and elderly as the daily healthcare and therapy.


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