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April 8, 2023
RD6000 | Red Light Panel for Full Body Therapy

LED Power 6000W Wavelengths 42mil RED 660nm & NIR 850nm Amps @110v 13.8A Amps @220v 6.6A Dimensions 65" x 21.7" x 2.3" Power Consumption 1517W LEDs 1200 x 5W Beam Angle 30 Degree Cooling Fans 12pcs Weight 36KG/79.4LBS LED Lifespan 50,000hrs EMF Emission – Negligible @ 6" Warranty 3 Years Best For Full Body Treatment […]

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August 31, 2022
RDPRO1500 | Red Light Panel for Full Body Therapy

DETAILS SPECIFICATION LED Power 1500W Wavelengths RED 660nm & NIR 850nm Amps @110v 4.86A Amps @220v 2.25A Dimensions 35.8" x 11.8" x 2.6" Power Consumption 496W LEDs 300 x 5W Beam Angle RED 60 Degree & NIR 30 Degree Cooling Fans 4pcs Weight 10.8KG/23.8LBS LED Lifespan 100,000hrs EMF Emission – Negligible Warranty 3 Years Best […]

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Red Light Squared

RED Light squared offers the best red light therapy beds available. Experience the Red Light Squared difference today.
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